Reading to Learn for Latino Parents in the USA

 Andrés Ramírez

Florida State University


There is no question that the phrase, “parents are the children’s first and most important teachers,” is a common testimony of the importance of parents in their children’s education.  Although the truth of this statement is difficult to question, what is indeed questionable is the kind of specific academic support parents receive so that they can better support their children’s academic success in school. This task becomes even more difficult for parents who are emergent English speakers with small children who speak Spanish at home and who have never attended school in the USA. In this presentation, a bilingual adaptation of the Reading to Learn (R2L) approach involving Latino emergent English speaking parents will be described and demonstrated. The success of this bilingual adaptation is demonstrated through video of one of the parents who used the same approach she experienced as a learner in the R2L classroom to teach her own children at home a popular picture book commonly used in early grades in USA.