Our History

The conversations leading to the creation of this journal began in 2010, a year in which student protests were on the rise. Our students began to vote against having normal classes (in support of national protests) and professors continued to be available in their classrooms during class time, so contact between professors and students increased and all were enriched in many ways. Prof. Allison Ramay and Prof. Carmen Luz Fuentes-Vásquez and a group of students realized that in parallel each had been thinking about the need for a Faculty journal of English Literature. Together we took the necessary steps to launch the journal in 2011: White Rabbit: English Studies in Latin America. We all agreed that the name reflected the curiosity and excitement we all brought to the project of creating a new journal, as well as the place from which we were thinking. We have published biannual issues ever since, and have continued to be a journal that works with excellent undergrads and alumni (for aspects of the editing process, outreach events and promoting the journal).

In 2017, we decided to revise our name to better reflect our commitment to cultural and literary criticism about the production of culture in English, particularly from Latin America and with a consciousness of the presence of English in all corners of the world. We are now English Studies in Latin America: A Journal of Cultural and Literary Studies and Prof. Andrea Casals and Prof. Allison Ramay are the journal’s editors. As you can see on our webpage, we have a team made of PUC-graduates and from our Facebook page you can glimpse at the people with whom we’ve connected from different continents. The transnational uses of English, its many connotations, and how authors around the globe think about literary and cultural texts in English interest us. These are the questions for which we hope to provide a platform.