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Department of Language Sciences

The Department of Language Sciences of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature brings together more than 25 specialists in various fields of theoretical and applied linguistics, both in Spanish and English. Among the Department’s subjects of study are grammatical, phonetic, semantic, discursive and pragmatic studies, text linguistics, philology and classical language studies, the history of the Spanish language and the interdisciplines of psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics and computational linguistics.

These subjects are taught in compulsory and elective courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In undergraduate studies, Linguistics branches out into two programs: the degree in Spanish Language and Literature and the degree in English Language and Literature, with their respective concentrations. These concentrations offer students the possibility of deepening their knowledge through four required courses, five intensive electives and two research courses in linguistics (a list of research topics for each semester, on the DiDoc page) given in the last year of the program. The Department offers courses in English-language Pedagogy in a joint program with the Faculty of Education.

The Department also offers five graduate programs, a Ph.D. in Linguistics and master’s degrees in: Linguistics, Translation, and Linguistics Applied to English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Secondly, the Department imparts specialization certificate courses in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, Editing and Publishing, English for Preschool and Primary Education (first cycle), and Strategies to Stimulate Oral and Written Language in Preschool and Primary Education. Lastly, the College’s Academic Discourse studies with its programs are also ascribed to this Department.

The Permanent Colloquium on Linguistics and Translation is part of the Department of Linguistics and Literature, and its objective is to maintain a meeting space between professors and students of Linguistics within the Faculty and with members of other national and international institutions, the organization of various congresses and conferences, and the dissemination of knowledge through its journal, Onomázein